In the Northwest Territories, the negotiation of regional land claim agreements has resulted in different types of land ownership. To manage northern land and resources, an integrated and coordinated regulatory system has been designed and implemented.

This presentation explains how the system came into being, who owns lands in the NWT, and the significance of environmental assessment regulation and land use planning in managing lands and resources, in both the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) and the rest of the Mackenzie Valley.

It also introduces the system presently in place to regulate development activities, including an initiative started in 2005 to improve cooperation and communication between the NWT resource management Boards and with other resource management partners – the NWT Board Forum.

Included is a brief explanation of the role of land use planning, environmental assessment, land and water boards and resource management boards in the determination of project impacts, mitigation and the issuing of land use permits and water licences.

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